2015 Photography workshops by Nikos Economopoulos


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‘On the road’ is a series of photography workshops, combining spontaneous photography with the joy of the journey.

They are organized for a limited number of participants (max.12), ranging from professional photographers to people who may have just learned how to hold a camera. The challenge in these workshops is how to bring out each one’s unique glance.

The workshops are based on shooting during the day and editing during the evening. Through the selection and discussion of the best images of the day, the participants will have the opportunity to see their technique and their overall approach improve day by day.

The aim is to guide the participants through technical, theoretical and aesthetic issues towards developing their own photographic style.

The introductory meeting is dedicated to portfolio reviews and overall planning.


2015 workshops

Greece, Athens  27 Feb-6 Mar 2015 (7 days)
Ethiopia, Addis Ababa / Harar  28 Mar-6 Apr 2015 (9 days)
Ethiopia, Lalibela  7-16 Apr 2015 (9 days)
Turkey, Istanbul  12-19 May 2015 (7 days)
Russia, Saint Petersburg  3-10 Jun 2015 (7 days)
Mongolia, Ulan Bator  7-18 Jul 2015 (11 days)
Balkan expedition V  3-18 Aug 2015 (15 days)
Turkey, Istanbul  26 Aug-2 Sep 2015 (7 days)
Greece, Athens  8-15 Sep 2015 (7 days)
Ethiopia, Omo valley  21-30 Sep 2015 (9 days)
Ethiopia, Addis Ababa / Harar  30 Sep-09 Oct 2015 (9 days)
Cuba, Havana/Trinidad  12-23 Nov 2015 (11 days)
India, Kolkata  3-14 Dec 2015 (11 days)

12 months-long private Master Class with Nikos Economopoulos  


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A new year-long course on offer, which can start anytime throughout the year

It is addressed to advanced photographers who wish to have mentoring and supervision in order to start and/or complete a long-term project. This can lead to a complete project which can then be presented in a book or exhibition etc.



For further details and booking, contact Marianna: ecassistant@gmail.com 


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